Monday, November 16, 2009

Insure This!

I began a rant on Facebook today but unfortunately I was limited in space to say how I really feel. On the FB I had noted that I am not one to express his political views publicly. I say live and let live, everybody has their views and the right to hold them and express them as they see fit. Me I choose to keep mine to my self typically. However, today I am furious, and feel like I have something to say, though it may fall on deaf ears, for me it will be cathartic. I found out I was denied for health insurance today. Insurance companies can kiss my ever loving bare white ass! I am furious that they can deny me coverage because of my so called "pre-existing conditions".

I have been genetically blessed (thanks mom and dad) with health concerns, in fact most all of us have. Sure I must take my share of the responsibility. After all I can do some limited things to help control these problems, but in the end genetics take over and it is what it is. Medical science has made it possible for my fat lazy ass to take pills to control the disorders that could potentially kill me and I for one am thankful for this.

I have never been subjected to such discrimination prior to this denial. I have been fortunate enough to have been consistently insured through employment. Earlier this year I became unemployed and thus privy to a different vantage point of the current health care system. Particularly the insurance industry and it's broken ass EFF'D up policies on insuring people.

I have followed the debate and listened to these so called politicians bicker and spin their bullshit about right and wrong, and in the end it is all about the almighty dollar. I have no problem with capitalism but at what cost?

I can't get insured privately because I have pre-existing conditions that make me too much of a liability in their black soulless eyes. God forbid they insure someone with high blood pressure or high cholesterol because they will have to pay for the medications and lab work required to manage my condition. God forbid those executives don't get to take their next exotic vacations or pay the mortgages on their indulgent mansions they live in while I have to quit taking my cholesterol medications because I can't afford to pay full price for them.

So now, when I have that heart attack and have to be rushed to the hospital, in the end who is going to pay for the bill? Not the bastards sitting in their huge office buildings throwing wads of their filthy lucre at each other! It will be the tax payers. You are welcome America, I apologize in advance. Write your congress man if you don't like it!

Congress sits up there on Capitol Hill and debates about it, making senseless propaganda ridden arguments perpetuated by the lobbyists that are taking them out on their yachts and giving their States, kickbacks for taking care of them. All the while the freakin' Republican party is chatting cries of "socialism" and how we are turning in to the now defunct Soviet Union. They are clueless about such things and have never lived in, nor even visited some of these so called "socialist" countries.

Their argument that the quality of medical care would substantially drop if we adopted a socialized medical model is just plain crap. I have experienced socialized medicine, it was fine. I am still alive to tell about it! I don't even care if we do adopt a socialized medical model. I would be happy with a system that didn't discriminate on pre-existing conditions and that allowed you to choose whatever doctor you want to see. Make it affordable and accessible and I will shut up. I am willing to pay something, I was ready to shell out almost $200 a month as it was for a minimal plan. Now I can shell out $200 a month for one prescription and I have 4 that I should be taking daily.

The system the way it is, in my opinion, is criminal. I am in between the income levels to qualify for Medicaid, and can't afford getting insurance through my wife's group plan. All the while the fat cat politicians and the big company executives that have them in their hip pockets are fully insured and can eat their rib eye steaks and caviar, while I have to eat leafy green vegetables and oatmeal to stay alive. Ok a bit dramatic but you get the point. I feel better? Not particularly. However, I can at least say that I said something. You may not agree, or you may agree with portions of the venom that I have spewed. Like I said, to each his own. Just remember that someday it could happen to you. And when it does, I hope by then something has changed and Congress can go on to debating the next bullshit agenda item that their lobbyists have asked them to push. Viva la revolution! Peace, love and good health for all!