Friday, June 13, 2008

Blog Virgin

It has been many many years since I lost my virginity, so this is a new feeling for me. It is difficult to admit to being a virgin at the age of 43. It conjures up images of Steve Carell lying on a table getting his chest hair waxed, just letting the expletives fly. I am quite fond of expletives. Sometimes there isn't a better way to express oneself that using a good curse. I don't know that blogging is quite comparable to having scalding hot wax placed onto the hair of my chest, then having it ripped off with excruciating pain. Conversely, I imagine that blogging can be enjoyable, maybe not to the level of losing ones virginity, but in a more cathartic way perhaps?
Like the pressure to have sex in high school, the notion that "everybody's doing it" has me wondering if blogging is all that people say. After all, it seems like work. Losing one's virginity is work, sex doesn't just fall into your lap, ok maybe for some people. But in reality this isn't about sex, it's about blogging and finding meaningful things to say to the world.
The title of my blog is "The Answer is Always More Cowbell" Many of you in the blogosphere (is that the correct term?), may be familiar with the SNL sketch with Will Ferrell playing a cowbell in the band Blue Oyster Cult. Here is a link to it: Here
So maybe not everyone loves Will Ferrell the way I do, but the reality of it all is that he makes me laugh out loud. I love to laugh. There is truth in the old saying that "laughter is the best medicine." Laughing is good for your soul. The great Danny Elfman wrote: "Just once or twice it's good for your soul." Of course he wasn't referring to laughter, but Danny Elfman is a musical genius in my mind and any time I can reference him in the course of a thought or conversation I will exploit my admiration for him. But I digress. The point is this, I am a social worker with abused and neglected children, which is sad and difficult work at times. The one way that I have found to be able to cope with all of that is to laugh. Finding humor in things; looking for ways to laugh. Just being able to look at a grown man with a curly haired wig and a shirt that is too tight and short so that it exposes his hairy belly, banging on a cowbell and dancing like there is no tomorrow; this is what life is about for me. No matter what life throws at you, the answer is more cowbell.

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