Wednesday, June 18, 2008


As I sit in front of my computer this beautiful sunny day, I feel as though my gaze into the computer screen is going to reveal a universe of diodes and wires that create the many colors and letters that make up the page. My thoughts of blogging on a daily basis have prematurely come to a stand still after only two posts. Did I burn out too quickly like some distant super-nova in the expanses of the universe? Is Belly Button Lint the only clever and witty topic that the bundle of neurons I call a brain could muster up to muse about? My blank stare at the monitor stimulates the neuro-transmitters into action. Words, I need words. Good this is a start, things are again moving. But how to assemble them into sentences and paragraphs. A topic, I need a topic, then suddenly I see a small white box in the right hand corner of this posting box. "Font" The proverbial filament in the light bulb over my head blazes forth with irradiation. Fonts. Lets examine fonts. What an interesting and perhaps expansive subject to contemplate. I click on the drop down box, revealing the available styles. Only Eight. Suddenly it isn't so expansive any more, but maybe I can squeeze more out of this. How did fonts come to be? Back in the day we didn't have word processing programs to document. We had mechanical boxes with metal arms inside of it that leaped forward when a key was depressed by the user, striking a black carbon ribbon creating an imprint of the corresponding letter that was cast into the end of the metal arm. We didn't have a diversity of options that allowed us to "change it up" if you will. Now I have eight, eight different options to work with here. Who comes up with these things? Web Dings? What the crap are Webdings? Does this make any sense at all?
The above sentence, yes it is a sentence, says "How does this make any sense at all?" I am going to warn the reader right now that my admiration for profanity is about to be exhibited so stop reading right now if you are adverse to obscene verbage. Go on, leave the room, I'll let you know when it's safe to return.
What the fuck? I mean seriously, who the hell was sitting around going " We should create a font that is all just pictures, it will be cool" ? Oh and by the way "Pass the Dutchie bro because my buzz is starting to wear off, I thought you just said lets make a font out of pictures!" Come on people!
Those of you who left the room may now return, I am back in control of myself. Sadly though, I think that I have depleted the available neurotransmitters that so aptly allowed me to create this entry today.
Maybe I'll go get some coffee.

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KalElUT said...

pass the Dutchie on the left hand side....