Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I have postulated that I must be somewhat of a celebrity. The notion of this came to my attention today. A buddy of mine who works in another office, who hasn't seen me for a week, mentioned that he had heard I cut my beautiful flowing locks of hair off. Those of you who know me, are aware that I have had longish hair for a dude for a few years now. I got a wild hair on my day off Friday, (pun intended, bad I know!) and decided to get it chopped. What this wild hair consists of is irrelevant, believe me people it's not a mid-life crisis, (one would grow one's hair out if that were the case) I'm not looking for another job ( Though I wouldn't turn down a high paying job if you know of one). I just felt like wearing it short again because lets face it, it's really a lot of work being pretty. Am I right ladies?
Anyway, I ask my chum, "who told you?" He says that he heard it from a dude that works in yet a different office than he or myself. "Are you kidding me?" A bloke that hasn't even seen me in probably a good month or so is telling my pal that I radically altered my appearance. Long story short, one of the workers on my team here in my office told the second fellow who then told the first.

So now I have decided that I'm a celebrity. I think maybe there are levels of celebrity. Obviously I'm not famous in the realm of Hollywood or to the world. I don't know that I want that level of infamy. Look at Michael Jackson, that dude is a train wreck for all the world to see and grew up as a celebrity. That just doesn't appeal to me.
We have local celebrities here in Utah, but I don't even rise to that level. I do however have my own world, the one where I must be a celebrity, because people apparently just talk about me. All I did was get a haircut and it made the evening news as it were.
I read one of the "blogs of note" that I actually have found to be funny and interesting. This poor woman posted, and had 88, count 'em 88 comments on here latest posting. These were obviously, by their comments, not people that already know her. They were the gravy trainers, the people that jump on other people's celebrity and try to create their own.
"But Rich," you say, in your last posting you were pleading to be noticed. "Why don't you jump on?" I don't think that is what I want. These people were blatantly ingratiating themselves to be noticed. I don't think I want to be noticed that badly. Ok, I'm lying. I totally want to be noticed. But I'm putting all y'all on notice. If my celebrity grows beyond my own narcissistic little world that I live in, don't come jumpin' on my gravy train. Sure my friends can come along for the ride, I gotta take care of my own. But you other sucka's find your own celebrity, this is mine.

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Boyd said...

Beware Rich, and learn from Britney Spears. The cutting of the hair is just one of the first signs of serious drug addiction. Then you gain wait, lose your kids, etc, etc.

You could bounce back from it though, I'm sure. I mean, I saw pics of Britney last week and her tits were looking pretty good.

Good job, Brit.