Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thus Sayeth Boyd

Apparently I have been ordered to have a blog posted by 6 pm today or I will end up in a state of murderedness. As I have no real affinity towards such a state of being, I am compelled to oblige. For any fans that I have out there, and I know you exist even if you don't leave comments, you can thank my muse/editor in chief B-Dog.

Unfortunately this mandate has left me scratching my head as to a subject matter that would create an adequately entertaining musing for your reading pleasure. Come to think of it, this is a special mandate from an apparent sociopathic entity, (and you should see his driver's license, the photograph would support such a label) perhaps it need be nothing more than an homage to the innate, albeit non-traditional, use of murder as a means of motivation employed by he that is called Boyd.

Actually murder would seem to be an excellent motivator. It spawns the idea in my melon as to why we don't utilize it more. Granted it is illegal, and there's that whole, "thou shalt not kill" thing that God carved into stone. Such an act most likely symbolized the permanency that was meant, as well as a serious desire that His children had really better play nice or He would put them into eternal time out. After all it can't be all that easy to carve words into stone, let alone making it legible. I wonder if God has bad hand writing and that's why he chose to carve it in stone rather than just jot it down on some parchment or animal skins and hand it to Moses. It certainly wouldn't make as dramatic of an impression on the children of Israel had he done that, thus negating the spectacle of the movie and Charlton Heston's epic performance.
But yeah, murder seems to be a perfectly good motivator other wise. Hell it got me to post today. Good job Boyd, my wife and children will thank you for sparing me an early demise, and the world thanks you as well. And as an added bonus you spare yourself the indignity of your Heavenly Father banishing you to Satan's lair for eternity just because you needed your daily fix of Wealthymusings.

1 comment:

Boyd said...

You only spared yourself Rich, and wisely so, for I am probably already banished to Satan's Lair.

I'm still glad I didn't have to straight up murder your ass, however.