Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

Maybe if I just start typing something will happen. Maybe the words will all come together in some masterful grouping that will be the next great piece of literature. Then again maybe I will just ramble on for three or four paragraphs about nothing in particular, cracking a few mediocre observational jokes that are just incidental to nothing in particular.
Writer's block? I wouldn't really label it as writer's block. Then again, maybe it is, but I manage to write something so I don't think it's really a block.

Some people choose to blog about the mundane, day to day crap that happens in their lives, and I suppose that is sufficient for them, but for me I feel like I need to do more. I don't particularly care to read about how you had a really great day at church or that someone you know got married. No offense I just don't find that entertaining. I want to be entertained when I read, but then what I find entertaining may not necessarily be entertaining to you. I aspire to write something that people will read, and say to themselves that was worth the time.

Some people just post pictures with captions explaining that they are standing in front of the Matterhorn at Disneyland. Yeah, we've all seen the Matterhorn, it's not real you know! Pictures are nice, but then I always feel like I am back in the 70's at a relatives home sitting on their gold and white flower patterned sofa, in my corduroy jeans and hair parted down the middle with feathered bangs, bored out of my mind, watching a slide show of their latest expedition to God knows where. Two full carousels of 100 slides each, remember that technology?
"And this is a picture of Tom standing in front of the worlds tallest thermometer in the middle of the Mojave Desert." That's two hours of my life that I will never get back. At least at the end of it all there was a wonderful peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream.
So there you have it. I got nuttin'. No great masterpiece, no gut busting anecdote, nuttin'. I have two pictures that I didn't even take and a bunch of commentary that amounts to bupkiss. Hope it was worth your time. Enjoy!

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Boyd said...

Excellent usage of the word bupkiss. Oh, and your nothing is more entertaining than most people's something.