Monday, October 20, 2008

Cover This

So I'm listening to the Pandora this morning and a song comes on that I kind of really dig. It was a cover song of Manic Monday. I know a little something about mania, being a social worker and dealing with mentally ill people that exhibit such a disorder, and quite frankly I don't ever feel manic on Monday, in fact quite the opposite. That aside, I think the original song was alright. I didn't mind it when the Bangles put it out there, it had a good beat and you could dance to it, I would give it a 6 out of 10.

The one thing that the Bangles had going for them was that Suzanna Hoffs was pretty hot. Actually the whole band wasn't too shabby to look at, especially to a teenager with ragin' hormones. Although I must admit that when she sang the Walk Like an Egyptian, that eye thing she did was a bit funky and made me believe that she might go all Fatal Attraction. Oh and that dance, what the crap was that? Yeah I didn't care for that at all, but the song was ok. But I digress.

The point is that I actually liked this cover of the song better than the original. I am usually the first one to stand up and put on my sense of moral judgement when it comes to the corruption of a perfectly good song. Like the Godsmack does a cover of the Led Zeppelin tune Good Times Bad Times. I hate it. I like to think that I am a purist when it comes to some of the classics, and the Mighty Mighty Zep is just not a band whose music you go and mess with. Oh and don't get me started on these damn "mash up" songs that the idiot DJ's are doing. They think they are so cool, taking two songs and re-mixing them together. I absolutely DETEST these moronic music monkeys who think they are oh so clever, creating such an atrocity and then forcing the public to be tortured by listening to this crap.

A lot of times someone does a cover song and people had never heard it before. I remember when that little bitch Tiffany did I Think We're Alone Now. I remember hearing people say what a great song that was, when in reality Tommy James and the Shondells had done it back in the 60's, long before that ungrateful little princess was even a twinkle in her father's eye. Foolish children thought she was the greatest thing since sliced bread, when in reality she was just a little mall rat, duping young girls into thinking that they could live the American dream, touring around and singing to droves of screaming teenie boppers in the mall. And I know some of you dudes out there were running out to those glorified glee club performances, just on the hopes that she would take a look at your horrible 80's hair doo and drag you back stage to the ladies room that was converted to her dressing room and give you a NCMO.

I think there are plenty of really good cover songs that are actually better than the originals. I won't make a list because well, I don't want to. Feel free to add comments and make your own list and I will judge you, or maybe Boyd will, since believes that he is the end all be all of what is good in music. Viva La Rush!


ktmay said...

What is a NCMO?
Dyin' to know.
I hate Tiffany too. I don't like her smug face in that picture. Like she's all that and then some. Woman, please...
But back in the day I had her cassette tape in my Walkman and I was jammin' out to "Red hot, baby red hot"
Or was that Debbie Gibson? HMMM...they seemed like one in the same to me.
I was only like 10-11. Cut me some slack.

Rich said...

NCMO- Non Commital Make Out

Boyd said...

Manic Monday was actually a song written by Prince. He was trying to get into Hoff's panties.

He failed.

dug said...

dynamite hack, covering boyz in the hood. bet cover ever.

Rich said...

love that cover

[lisa] said...

As much as I like to keep it under wraps... Tiffany was my first concert. At The Salt Palace. Might have been one othe worst nights of my life (and you know that is saying a lot).

Do you know that Max plays Tiffany for Mary when we go dancing? I would go without telling her to avoid the noise... but that might just break her heart. :)

Rich said...

He he he I have to totally give Max shit about that, and Mary. And by the way Lisa...Tiffany??? ;)