Thursday, October 9, 2008


Why do we as the human race find our primate cousins to be so funny? I don't know the answer, they just are. (Perhaps it has to do with more cowbell?) I loves me some monkey humor. I defy you to just look at these pictures without at least smiling, if not give a laugh out loud. Monkeys do funny things in addition to looking funny. Who doesn't enjoy seeing a monkey hurl it's feces at an unsuspecting visitor or drink it's own urine? Watch this video and tell me that you didn't chuckle? Go ahead I'll wait.....See? Funny!
Look at this one, he is doing a Gene Simmons impersonation. I bet he gets all the monkey ladies with that tongue!

Even the monkey's think that monkey's are funny. Look at this one. You just know that he is laughing at the monkey antics of another and just cracking up.

Wazzzzzzzz uuuuuppppppp

After all we aren't all that far removed from them genetically, and evolutionally.....don't you think?

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Olivia said...

I hate you for that monkey video! That image is stuck in my head now.