Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Creation and What Not

Do you ever see something and just think to yourself, "what the hell was God thinking when he created that?" I've had this thought process a number of times in my life.

We have all heard the story of Adam and Eve and their expulsion from the garden of Eden due to their negligence of one simple rule...don't eat the apple. Then just for shits and giggles he tests them with a talking snake and long story short they break the rule. Talk about setting them up to fail, I mean come on, a talking snake? That would be hard to resist for any of us. That's a pretty good parlor trick I'm thinkin', so how can you blame them?

So anyway, God gets pissed, kicks them out, and things get pretty harsh. They deserved it, they broke the rules, and now women get the pain, I mean, joy of experiencing child birth. You ladies can thank mother Eve for that one. But I am not here to place blame for who broke the rules first. We all know women have all the control over men anyway. I'm just sayin'.
Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, life gets harsh. Weeds and the likes, menial labor, etc. Like I said, they did the crime they should do the time.

So God created everything right? Man, women, plants and animals. All manner of things were created and they were created for the use of man. But this gets me thinking, of what use do I have for things like mosquitoes or just bugs in general. They aren't named bugs because they are the most awesome things that God whipped out in those six days. They are called bugs because they "BUG" people. It all comes back to that whole punishment thing for the oppositional defiance disorder that Eve had.

So I start to think one of two things. 1) God was really pissed and didn't want to stop with something as simple as making them have to pull weeds in their garden. 2) God has a pretty damn good sense of humor and perhaps he is even a little sadistic. I am inclined to think that the latter is probably the most likely postulation, after all have you seen the faces that people pull when they are having sex? (My apologies to Kevin Smith for the plagiarism)

"But Rich" you say, "that covers the humor part, but what of the sadistic piece to the puzzle?" Patience my children I am getting there.
Think of all the many, many things on this Earth that are just plain wrong and cause us pain and suffering. I won't make a list for you because I am certain that once I give you this one example, you need not look any further for confirmation.

Look at this creature and then tell me that God isn't sadistic in the least bit. Go ahead gaze upon the horror and help me understand why God felt the need to create such an abomination? You have to wonder what this poor fellow did to deserve such a lot in life? Proof positive that God finds humor in the suffering of others. Your welcome.


Kristina P. said...

What in the hell is that?!?! Thanks for the nightmares, and the awesome Office comment.

Rich said...

That is what they are calling an "Aye-Aye"
Perhaps that is named after the noise that comes out of people's mouths upon seeing such a creature.